Misting Systems

Commercial Custom Mist Cooling Systems

Commercial Misting Systems

Whether your outdoor space is large or small, we can design, build and install custom mist cooling systems for you that both maximize the comfort factor and minimize the cost to deliver it.

Residential Misting Systems

Residential Misting Systems

Residential misting systems design and installation for Palm Desert, Palm Springs, and the entire Coachella Valley.

Misting Fans and Custom Mist Cooling Systems

Misting Fans

Modern Misting Systems build a complete line of misting fans that can be incorporated into our custom misting system installations, or they can be bought separately as an independent custom or stand-alone system

Special Effects

Mist Special Effects

We can enhance your outdoor landscape with mist, fog or steam. We can create theme or experienced-based environments using fog or mist to mimic smoke, dense fog or precipitation.

Animal and Pet Custom Mist Cooling Systems

Animal Cooling

Animal and pet cooling misting systems provide an economical way to keep your animals safe and cool in extreme temperatures.

Dust Suppression Custom Misting Systems

Dust Suppression

Dust suppression is a cost effective way to reduce dust levels in open plant and recycling areas by 50%. A high pressure fog curtain has negatively charged water droplets which catch and suppress dust.

Custom Mist Cooling Systems Design, Installation and Repairs