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Modern Misting Systems, also known as the manufacturer, will repair and/or replace all parts shown to be defective in material or workmanship (excluding misting nozzles) during a period of twelve months, or unless otherwise quoted in your contract . This warranty is effective from the date of installation by the original purchaser. To obtain warranty replacement of a part, the part must be recognized as defective after examination by our technical services staff. Labor will not be charged if any defect or failure is the fault of the manufacturer. This warranty is invalid if the defects are found to be due to misuse, lack of maintenance, environmental accidents or intentional damage caused by customer. All installation, service and warranty work must be completed by Modern Misting Systems. All work performed outside of these guidelines may void this warranty. This limited warranty represents the complete warranty of the manufacturer. No other warranties, implied or assumed, will be in effect once this warranty is enforced. Pump units must be operated according to standards in Owners Operation and Service Manuals. Atomizing / Mist, Supply and Hose Lines must be operated within working pressure ratings listed in Owners Operation and Service Manuals.
  • Service & or Maintenance is not included in the warranty. Service and Maintenance contracts are available for purchase. Please contact the office for a service quote at (760) 345 9429
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