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Pumps Matter

When designing a Misting System for your home or business, certain aspects of the design are critical. None is as important as specifying the right pump.

If the pump is too small… if the pump is underpowered for the system installed in your home or business, it is likely that the system will be unable to fully pressurize and perform poorly and/or worse, the pump can be over-taxed and not last.

If the pump is too big… well, you’re just wasting money!

At Modern Misting Systems, we apply a very simple, but, reliable formula to choose the right pump. To understand this process, you must understand the most basic rule:
The pump must have capacity to supply enough water to all your nozzles while maintaining optimum pressure.
Three factors must be considered:
  1. How many nozzles will your system have? This is a function of:
    1. How many feet of steel pipe are required to cover the entire target area?
    2. What spacing is desired between the nozzles?
  2. What is the size of the orifice (opening) in the nozzle?
If you consider these factors, we can calculate the total flow of water the system will use when on. The formula is:
Number of Nozzles x Nozzle Size x 60 = Total GPH (gallons per hour)
Once you determine the total GPH, the correct pump must be rated at least 10% higher. The chart below shows an example of a 50′ System.

Water Flow Chart and Pump Requirements Using Stainless Steel Anti-Drip Nozzles

Nozzle Size 0.08 0.012 0.016
GPM (1000psi) 0.13 0.026 0.04
Nozzle Spacing Qty Flow Rates (Per Hour)
Nozzles @ 50ft (24″ OC) 25 20 39 60
Nozzles @ 50ft (18″ OC) 33 26 51 79
Nozzles @ 50ft (16″ OC) 38 30 59 91
Nozzles @ 50ft (12″ OC) 50 39 78 120

Pump Flow Capacity (GPM)

DX Pump Commercial Grade 75 0.75 45
DX Pump Commercial Grade 1 1 60
DX Pump Commercial Grade 1.5* 1.5 90
Industrial Grade 2.2* 2.2 132
Industrial Grade 2.9** 2.9 174
* Dedicated 120V 20amp Circuit Required
** Dedicated 240V 15amp Circuit Recommended