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Maintenance Guide

One of the most important requirements on owning a Professional Grade Misting System is performing maintenance on the system in the proper way.

At Modern Misting Systems, we provide annual service on your system when you enroll for our Annual Service Agreement. However, some people are indeed quite handy and like to “do it themselves”.

Below is our recommended service and maintenance schedule. Use it as your guide to keeping your system in tip-top shape, as well as a reminder of the value of our Annual Service Agreement. Your System is an investment…Protect It!

Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Maintenace Task Do It Yourself Professional Annual Service
As Needed Six Months
Clean / Replace Nozzles X X
Inspect System Plumbing X X
Clean Water Filters X X
Inspect Pump Oil Level / Quality X Change
Inspect Pump For Oil Leaks X X
Inspect Pump For Water Leaks X X
Change Oil In Pump X
Replace Water Filters X
Inspect Pump Seals X
Inspect Pump Plunger X
Inspect Pump Valve X
Flush & Blow Out System X
Test Switching & General Operation X
Reset Pump Pressure X
  1. Nozzle Maintenance. The overall performance of your system depends on the system nozzles staying clean and clear of obstructions. Serious performance issues arise when nozzles are even partially blocked. To clean nozzles, follow these steps.
    • Using a wire bristle brush, brush the orifice of each nozzle while the system is operating.
    • If the nozzle remains clogged or if the spray pattern appears to be interrupted, more extreme measures are necessary.
      • Turn off system.
      • Remove clogged nozzles.
      • Mix ½ cup cleaner (Lime Away or CLR) and 2½ cups water in a plastic container with a lid.
      • Place the nozzles in the liquid.
      • With lid on, shake the nozzles vigorously, then let soak for 2-3 minutes (never longer).
      • Reinstall the nozzles and turn the system on. If the nozzles are still blocked, they will need to be replaced.
  2. Inspect System Plumbing. This inspection can be performed in a matter of minutes. It is a visual inspection of the key parts of the plumbing system.
    • Starting at the water source, visually inspect all connections for leaks. Make sure the water source is pressurized (on).
    • Inspect the pump area for leaks. Because Modern Misting Systems provides a protective cover on all its pumps, the visual inspection of the pump itself is not possible without removing the housing. It is enough to inspect the area around the pump.
    • Moving from the pump towards the misting target area, look for signs of leaks.
    • Inspect all joint areas on the misting system delivery area.
  3. Filter Maintenance. An excessively dirty filter will restrict water flow into the pump, causing the pump to “cavitate”, which is evidence by excessive noise and pump vibration. If the system continues to operate under these conditions, damage to the pump will occur.Clean or change the filter promptly when it becomes dirty. If you find that the filters on your system need to be replaces too often it may be desirable to install pre-filtration.To inspect or change the filter cartridges:
    • Close the inlet water supply line to the unit.
    • Relieve the pressure in the filter housings by removing the inlet hose or depressing the red pressure relief button located at the top of each Filter Housing.
    • Using a spanner wrench, turn the plastic filter housing clockwise (as viewed from above) and remove from the unit.
    • Remove the filter cartridge and wash out any dirt that may have accumulated at the base of the canister. Replace with a clean filter cartridge. The filtration assembly is comprised of a 1 Micron Filter and a Water Conditioning Filter. Place the Water Conditioning Filter in the housing on the ‘inlet’ side (connected to water supply) and place the 1 Micron Filter in the housing on the ‘outlet’ side of the assembly.
      • Note: Be very careful replacing the filter and housing, as any debris that passes beyond the filter assembly may create a problem within the system.
    • Remove the filter housing’s O-ring from pump and wipe pump and O-ring clean. Apply a coat of silicone O-ring lubricant to the O-ring. Insert the O-ring back into the pump. Ensure the O-ring is properly seated in the pump and allow for a proper seal of the filter housing. Re-install filter housing.
    • Bleed air out of the inlet line by depressing the pressure relief valves on the filter housings and slowly openings the inlet water supply valve.
  4. Pump Maintenance. The unit is installed with oil designed specifically for Modern Misting Systems pumps. This oil should be used for all oil changes. Please contact Modern Misting Systems for details.To change pump oil:
    • Place a drain pan under the pump.
    • Using a wrench, remove the drain plug located on either the bottom or the side of the pump.
    • Allow the oil to drain completely and reinstall the drain plug.
    • Clean any residue or debris around the fill cap, which is located on the top side of the pump. Remove fill cap.
    • Fill the crankcase to center of oil sight-glass on the front of the pump.
      • Note: Do not overfill, as this will cause damage to the pump.
      • Crankcase capacity of the Modern Misting Systems Pumps is 11.8 ounces.
    • Reinstall fill cap.