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Annual Service Agreement

Modern Misting Systems recommends that your pump system, nozzles and filters are serviced annually at a minimum, and not less than once per season. For some larger systems, most commonly found at commercial locations, more frequent service is required. Modern Misting Systems recommends that the service be performed by us to insure the complete and proper service is performed and that signs of bigger problems, if they exist, can be detected before permanent damage occurs. Please refer to our maintenance guide for a complete understanding of the preventative maintenance and service required for your system. This agreement provides that Modern Misting Systems will schedule your system to be serviced annually throughout the term of your warranty. At the time of inspection you will be advised of any problems or repairs that need to be performed to your system. The following will be performed.
  • Clean and/or replace nozzles (replacement nozzles are $6.95 each)
  • Change pump oil
  • Change all water filters
  • Flush and blow out system
  • Reset pump pressure
  • Inspect entire system for leaks, damage & ware
  • Test switching and operation of system
  • Clean pump system
  • Make any necessary adjustments
This agreement ensures that your system will serviced properly since timely service visits are scheduled. Having your system serviced does NOT extend the warranty, but WILL extend the life of your system. Standard maintenance fee starts at $195.00 (depending on the size of your system).
  • Nozzles are not covered under warranty and are not included in the price of your service.
  • Servicing your system does not extend the warranty of your system. Cleaned/Serviced nozzles have no warranty. You will be charged at the regular service rate of $125/hr to come back out and clean your nozzles. Modern Misting Systems recommends that your clogged nozzles be replaced to avoid the additional charge.
Modern Misting Systems recommends strongly that the customer “winterize” the system at the end of each season as part of regular maintenance. Instructions for winterization can be found in your Maintenance Guide. Modern Misting Systems will be happy to schedule a year-end visit to winterize your system if you choose to have it done by professionals.