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High Pressure Misting Systems

High Pressure Misting Systems

Here in the Palm Springs area during the peak Summer months, people avoid staying outdoors as the heat is oppressive. And the levels of humidity can make things worse! High Pressure Misting Systems can help you substantially overcome this problem and make your outdoor life more comfortable. Your pool, patio or garden space can be cooled quickly by as much as 35° thanks to high pressure misting systems. Buying a high pressure home misting system can be very effective for people wishing to spend long hours outside their homes and have fun. Misting systems are available in a wide range of pressure. Modern Misting Systems recommends installing high pressure systems. This means the pump should operate anywhere between 850-1000psi. Our misting systems and misting fans are capable of reducing outdoor temperatures by as much as 25 to even 30°. Through the use of different levels of technology, these systems can provide outdoor cooling to meet all types of needs.

Why choose High Pressure?

Different levels of patio misting systems are available on the market. Low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure. Low pressure systems are available at big box stores like Home Depot® or Lowes® and consist of pvc pipe and mister heads. While these systems are easy DIY systems, they often prove ineffective and tend to get everything wet including your expensive furniture. The key to a good cooling system, is by running it at a higher pressure. Modern Misting Systems utilizes CAT pumps to increase water pressures up to 1000psi, thus creating what is called “flash evaporation”. By doing this, the water droplets become increasingly smaller and evaporate far quicker and create cooler air. This process is the key to preventing patios from becoming soaked with water. These high pressure systems are ideal in all different types of applications. These applications would not only be residential patios, but also commercial establishments such as restaurants, amusement parks, sports arenas, hotels and resorts. These systems can be utilized for dust and odor control to eliminate bad air quality at Transfer stations and other potentially harmful environments. Give us a call today to set up a free consultation. We love living in the Desert, but we love living here so much more with our misters. 760-345-9429 or visit our sister website to learn more.

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