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Patio Misting System


  A good patio misting system is what you need to have to cool off your hot patio. Don’t be fooled into buying those poor-quality, cheap misting systems that are sold in stores for only $29.00. These faucet to line patio misters spray droplets of water, wetting everything that comes in range, which is definitely not what you want when you’re hosting a barbecue party. Go…

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What size misting pump do I need for my project?

What size misting pump do I need for my project?

When you decide you are in the market for a misting system, one of your many questions should be what size misting pump do I need? Lets look at the math behind the answer.

  • How large is the area you want misted? Before you have a licensed contractor come out to your home to give you an estimate, you should have some what of an

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Palm Desert Misting System

Palm Desert Misting System

Newly Installed Palm Desert Misting System.

Can you feel that???

Palm Desert Misting System installed this week. Our client was looking for complete misting coverage throughout his backyard. We surrounded his patio and both palapas with stainless steel misting lines with nozzles 16″ on center. In his pool area we added multiple impingement fog nozzles to provide a special effects kind of look. We chose to use two smaller pumps on this project instead of…

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What can you do to conserve water and still use your Misting System?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 12 months, I’m sure you are aware that California is facing one of the worst droughts on record. Lakes are drying up, there is very little water rushing through our rivers, the snow on our mountain tops is scarce. Its quite scary. Some people are still asking what they can do to conserve. Here are a few tips from Modern Misting Systems via our…

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Hiring a Contractor

When you decide you want to have work done to your home most people hire out. Not many of us are talented enough to pour our own concrete or add pavers to our backyard. Getting multiple bids and deciding on a contractor is extremely important. Probably the most important part of the project. Two important questions you should ask before price is discussed: Are you a licensed contractor? If yes, ask for their license number.…

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