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Misting Systems

Designing your misting system

When you are looking to design a misting system, there are a few things to consider:
Your cooling area
A typical patio has three open sides and normally it will have a covered roof or shade structure of some sort. Every patio will vary to some extent so every misting system will be a little different. It is important when designing your system that you cover all sides exposed to the…

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Misting Pumps provide mist in Lake Havasu Arizona

Misting Pumps

Cat Pumps keep you cool, clean and in control

A few years ago Cat Pumps, the company we purchase our pumps from did a write up on Misting Pumps and Fogging. They contacted us to use a few of our misting pictures for their brochure. Written below is a great description of how their pumps work and why we chose Cat Pumps and why we will continue to use their product. Atomized water keeps customers…

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Misting Fans vs. Misting System

Are you confused about which type of outdoor cooling system you should buy? Misting Fans? or Misting System? Portable Misting Fans or Permanently installed Misting Fan that oscillates? Here are a few questions you should ask before you make your purchase.

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Hiring a Contractor

When you decide you want to have work done to your home most people hire out. Not many of us are talented enough to pour our own concrete or add pavers to our backyard. Getting multiple bids and deciding on a contractor is extremely important. Probably the most important part of the project. Two important questions you should ask before price is discussed: Are you a licensed contractor? If yes, ask for their license number.…

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