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Pet Cooling in the Coachella Valley Summer

That Coachella Valley Summer is right around the corner, and we’re already breaking heat records. From Palm Springs to Coachella, thoughts are turning to how to keep cool. From taking a dip in the pool to an ice cold glass of lemonade, changins clothes to cranking up the air conditioning, humans have a ton of options for keeping cool here in the desert. Our pets, on the other hand, are a bit more limited in…

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Commercial Misting Systems, the best way to beat the desert heat

Commercial Misting Systems Installation The Coachella Valley presents unique challenges to restaurants and other commercial establishments when it comes to keeping customers cool in the Summer months. All one needs to do is take a walk down Palm Canyon Drive on a weekend to see the dramatic effect of mist cooling on business. With temperatures regularly in triple digits, customers suffering in the heat can make the slow season a dead season. If you need…

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Misting Nozzles

Cleaning Misting Nozzles

Cleaning your misting nozzles: You filter your water as much as possible, but the occasional clog from debris or hard water deposits is part of owning a misting system. Misting nozzles, misting filters, how do we clean all of these items? Usually, removing the nozzle from the system, tapping on a hard surface, and a quick rinse will do the trick, especially for debris clogs. But not always. To remove hard water deposits in your…

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