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Misting System Repair

Misting System Repair

Looking for misting system repair in Palm Desert and surrounding areas?

Although the weather today feels like you are months away from using your misting system, those afternoon temperatures will sneak up on us before you know it. Pretty soon the AC will be running, the kids will be in the pool and you will be hosting another weekend bbq. Before you start making plans, make sure you don’t need your misting system repaired or…

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What size misting pump do I need for my project?

What size misting pump do I need for my project?

When you decide you are in the market for a misting system, one of your many questions should be what size misting pump do I need? Lets look at the math behind the answer.

  • How large is the area you want misted? Before you have a licensed contractor come out to your home to give you an estimate, you should have some what of an

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Service your misting system

Did you service your misting system yet? Do you want to have it done and save money at the same time? Do you consider yourself a handy kind of guy? No problem. If you are considering servicing your misting system on your own, here is a step by step guide on how to do it properly, including how to change the oil on your misting pump. 1. Turn system on and make a visual inspection…

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